Bitcoin rapper lil pump

The hugely popular rapper, lil pump, made some bold bitcoin moves this week after announcing that fans can purchase merchandise via the cryptocurrency.

Rapper lil pump is accepting bitcoin via lightning network.

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Bitcoin rapper lil pump

- us rapper lil pump starts accepting bitcoin via lightning network on merchandise store - bitwise crypto indexes and prices join nasdaq dorsey wrights financial advisor research platform.

Rapper lil pump now accepts bitcoin.

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Bitcoin rapper lil pump

Lil pump the gucci promoting rapper has now added btc to his crew and so in this video we talk about celebrities and bitcoins bitcoin lilpump.

Der junge rapper, der millionen von fans auf den sozialen netzwerken hat, akzeptiert nun lightning network-zahlungen für sein merchandise.

Lil pump gets a lil bitcoin - ooh lightning network news.

Hodl gang is a gucci gang lil pump parody remix by chris record.

As bitcoin trail blazes across financial markets, it continues to gather support from some very interesting characters.

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