Decent co-founder matej boda

We hope to get the community excited about our future collaborations and who knows, maybe you will create the next netflix, or spotify on top of decent network.

In conversation with decent co-founder matej boda.

American electronics giant avnet.

Decent co-founder matej boda

Znamen to, že vetky peniaze, ktoré ich dielo zarob, zostan samotnm autorom.

Matej boda - founder, cmo in decent.

What will be the 35m allocated to decent foundation used for?

Decent co-founder matej boda

Unite global crypto ecosystem.

Described as a blockchain built specifically for the demanding needs of the film industry, treeti is co-founded and led by matej boda, co-founder of decent and sophiatx, alongside amorette jones, a studio executive at sony, mgm, starz and artisan.

Slovensk blockchainov platforma decent naraisovala za 2.

On behalf of the entire decent team, we thank you for trusting in us and appreciate the support from our amazing community.

For bitcoin recently.

Ledger brings energy.