Minerals trading open mineral

Physical commodities trading platform, open mineral, with seed funding totaling 2. Open mineral exchange was chosen as the first b2b platform that enables transparent and efficient trade of metal raw commodities online while covering the physical delivery and financing of the product.

About open mineral.

Online metal concentrates exchange open mineral is seeking to build a consortium of mining companies and financial institutions to create a blockchain system for minerals trading and logistics. Vaisoha bitcoin has.

Minerals trading open mineral

Prior to founding open mineral, ilya was with glencore as an asset manager in their base and precious metals and concentrates department working in switzerland, usa and kazakhstan.

Open mineral plans to disrupt commodities trading with.

Sportsbook sportsbet.io launches new. Eykher my co-founder, ilya chernilovskiy, and i both worked in the commodities industry , trading concentrates, for a number of years.

Minerals trading open mineral

Maltese professional investment. How did the idea come about?

Open mineral, a physical commodities trading platform, has now closed an investment round (2. It will only be open to miners and smelter and not to third-party traders.

Open mineral plans blockchain consortium for minerals trading.

The idea is to increase the efficiency of the market for base and.).

The blockchain mining and mineral data start up open mineral has plans to bring together the biggest companies of the mining industry with financial institutions with a blockchain system for minerals trading and logistics. 25 million, is set to disrupt the physical commodities trading market with an online marketplace.

Baar, switzerland, july 5, 2017 prnewswire -- open mineral, a new platform that connects buyers and sellers of physical commodities, launched today with the aim of revolutionizing the trading of. Open mineral is a cloud-based exchange that connects buyers and sellers to trade physical commodities directly, efficiently, and transparently.