Mods accused of censorship

Thomas simms single address. Bitcoin xt fork debate gets ugly, reddit mods accused of censorship.

Jontron conspiracy drama rekindles at rgamegrumps.

Administrators at the immensely popular link-sharing site now say that the forum, rtechnology, has been downgraded due to its mods behavior. This is a personal matter between the parties involved and is none of our business, and.

Mods accused of censorship

Greek bailout deal surfaced. It is built by taking the latest stable core release, applying a.

Aug 17 digest bitcoin xt released, reddit mods accused of.

Has spawned a plethora of acrimonious debate and allegations of censorship. Scientists are taking a big leap toward the rice of the future.

Mods accused of censorship

Mike hearn and gavin andresen have launched bitcoin xt, new research has found that marketplaces on the dark web frequently process more bitcoin transactions th. Kotakuinaction is the main hub for gamergate on reddit and welcomes discussion of community, industry and media issues in gaming and broader nerd.

Reddit, one of the largest message boards on the internet, has been accused of censorship after it removed its technology section from the homepage and admits deleting posts containing certain. Venezuela over bitcoin mining.

Rstlouis moderators accused of censorship, double down.

According to its website, where its full release became available yesterday, bitcoin xt is an implementation of a bitcoin full node, based upon the source code of bitcoin core. Andreas antonopoulos talks.

The recent launch of bitcoin xt, a fork of the bitcoin protocol considered as crucial to the networks future sustainability by its backers, has spawned a plethora of acrimonious debate and allegations of censorship. Classic cars may be the real windfall of the change in cubapolicy.

So i received the ban message from roffmychest and rrape yesterday, evidently an automated response to the fact that ive posted, for the. Moderators are accused of unfairly putting a muzzle on the debate, in very stark violation of the spirit of decentralization.