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This blog has well-crafted articles explaining the need-to-knows about the blockchain industry. Angelina jolie has been awarded honorary damehood by queen elizabeth.

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Committee hosts bitcoin workshop. He has helped move the chain with many high-profile projects.

Tags blockchain cryptocurrency artificial

Jed mccaleb has one of the most impressive resumes in the blockchain community. We have explored nooks and corners of the blockchain world and the cryptoverse.

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Tags blockchain cryptocurrency artificial

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Blockchain council is an authoritative group of subject experts and enthusiasts who are evangelizing the blockchain research and development, use cases and products and knowledge for the better world. Paris and new york-based startup snips on wednesday announced a blockchain-based artificial intelligence (ai) assistant device similar to googles home device.

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Thecryptoupdates is an independent publication house which believes in bringing light to the hidden secrets of the blockchain industry. The blockchain and artificial intelligence (ai) are two cornerstones of the new computing movement.

New technologies such as artificial intelligence (ai) and blockchain are increasingly being used in the law industry to make it more efficient and transparent, said zhang wen, president of beijing internet court, at the china intellectual property protection (cipp) forum 2019. The blockchain offers a secure yet transparent way of handling big data.

The hypotherkarbank lenzburg now offers services in the form of cryptocurrencies and digital assets for blockchain-associated businesses, while also offering cryptocurrency accounts for service users. George soros criticizes bitcoin.